The Story Behind Women of Manila

Something simple. specific. But will have an impact.

Those were the things that we wanted for our group project. Thinking of a concept for a website was difficult at first. Primarily because a website is not just a simple personal ‘blog.’ With hundreds (or thousands) of websites on the Internet, it’s even harder to come up with something new or something that can compete with existing sites. But instead of competing with this sites, we used them as an inspiration. One of the sites that really inspired as was Humans of New York (HONY).

The Concept & Game Plan

After brainstorming, we have decided that we wanted to create a local version of the popular HONY website that features random people on the streets of the Big Apple and singles out a striking quote during their interview.

To veer away from this concept a bit, we have opted to give our website a working title of “Women of Manila” to mirror the kind of subjects that we want to feature. We want to showcase the interesting women here in the metro who have made the mark in their respective fields in an effort to promote women empowerment. (Since we’re an all-girl group, our concept was close to our hearts.)

From the name, to the logo and materials, we see to it that we have a consistent branding. For the content, we chose successful women from different fields – art, music, food, fashion, technology, youth and more – interviewed them & take photos to complement their story (one profile shot & one in action shot).

To come up with the striking quote, we came up with questions that will bring out the inspiring story of our subjects.
– Why did you chose your field?
– Turning point in life?
– What was the Life-changing moment wherein you realized your purpose aa a woman?
– what’s your inspiration in your chosen field?
– Are there advantages/disadvantages of being a woman in your field?
– Advice to women who plan to take on the same career path as yours

To make our concept and content more original, as well as for promotional strategies in the future for our Facebook Page, we decided to have on-cam interview questions. These questions focused on women empowerment.
1. How do you empower women in your field?
2. If you’ll be the next president what will you do/ what will be your top priorities?
3. Aside from being a mother, what is the essence of being a woman?
4. How do you define success?

To spice up our content, we also asked some funny questions. (But we decided not to include them in out website because some of our subjects have serious personalities.)

Game Face Mode On

We wrote our stories depending whom we interview. Our writing focused on profile/feature style, with the Millennials as audience.


Uploading stories on our website comes hand in hand with the photos we took. All photos uploaded have watermark for consistency in branding and copyright concerns. Since we’re not really that knowledgable in WordPress, the first few uploading of stories were trial and error on the layout. But we were lucky that we got a free wordpress theme that matched our branding and brought our what we really wanted for our website – simple but classy.

FB page

We chose Facebook as our main social media tool to build an audience. We started to gather audience by posting teaser about our website. Then, after the first set of stories, we officially launched our website side by side with promotions in Facebook.



social media calendar (fb)We scheduled our posts that includes:
-art cards
-backgrounder of subjects
-website promotion

Every post includes the Women of Manila website URL and hashtag #WomenofManila

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aside from our Facebook Page posts, we tagged subjects, their groups/affiliations, various related FG pages; and shared our posts to FB page posts on various FB pages & groups.

Personal strategies included were sharing on our FB page posts and blog posts (via WordPress) on our personal social media accounts (FB, Twitter & Instagram).

The fruits of our labor

Driving audience to our website wasn’t easy but with our strategies, we were able to pull it off.

The homepage always got the highest # of views. Though they say the homepage is not anymore as significant as before readers tend to open various pages instead. But for us, our home page was the most viewed.
Personally, our homepage serves as a window to what we offer.
Every story had their own readers as well.

(statistics of views per posts from 1st to 3rd week)

website views

OVER-ALL we had:

total of 1,868 VIEWS in 3 weeks
Referrer: Facebook
​Daily average # of views: 100-150
BEST VIEWS EVER: 303 (November 26, 2015)

WoM Final Presentation



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